New Version (v2.4 and later)

Note: Before following the steps below, ensure your machine is on, connected to the computer via USB of Wifi and initialized.

1. Go to the settings menu (Top right-hand side)

2. Select the submenu "Printer' and select the printer in which you want to reset the SD card. Click the small circle icon on the bottom right.

3. Click Reset to default

Note: Completing the following process will reset all calibration settings proformed previously to this printer. It will also remove any printing files or other settings stored on the SD card as well.

Old Version (v2.3 and earlier)

To reset the SD card using UP Studio you will need to select the settings icon in the top right corner of the software which will bring you to a small menu.

Once here click on the printer and you should see your printer, select it. There should be an icon that appears on the top left with 3 lines.

This menu will show the Printer Properties, at the bottom of this menu you can use the "Reset To Default" to reset the SD card to default.

NOTE: Doing this will reset the nozzle height and platform levelling settings as well as the material settings, please ensure that you have checked these things before printing again.